Otonomo is proud to partner with Mercedes-Benz to deliver connected car services to drivers around the world. Through our Neutral Server Platform, Daimler data consumers can build applications for Mercedes-Benz drivers by obtaining data via our Otonomo APIs.

At Otonomo, privacy is a priority. In order to offer products and services to Mercedes-Benz drivers, they must grant consent to share their personal data. Once permission has been given, app creators can provide services within the following use cases:

  1. Electric Vehicle
  2. Fuel Status
  3. Insurance PAYD
  4. Vehicle Lock Status
  5. Vehicle Status

The following is required prior to accessing data from Mercedes-Benz vehicles:

  1. Vehicle owners must have a connectivity contract in place with Mercedes-Benz AG or one of its sales organizations. Permission for data access is subject to the terms of this contract.
  2. Vehicle owners must activate the "Interface to Third-Party Providers” service in the Mercedes me app.
  3. Consent to access vehicle data for a specific intended use must be granted to each third-party.

Consent Management Procedure


Your application users can grant consent to share their data by following the instructions provided in your application (as pictured above).

To grant consent, they will :

  1. Select Mercedes-Benz as their vehicle manufacturer
  2. Provide their VIN
  3. and select "Allow" to share data

For more information on receiving data consent from drivers, check out our Obtaining Driver Consent tutorial.

Five Use Cases

Electric Vehicle Status

The Electric Vehicle Status bundle is comprised of attributes pertaining to an electric vehicle’s current state of charge and electric range. This information can be used to offer a plethora of services, including “at-home” smart charging stations, load balancing, road trip planning, and personalized commercial or public charging locations.

Fuel Status

The Fuel Status API is comprised of attributes pertaining to a vehicle’s current fuel level and remaining distance. This information can be used to recommend gas stations, provide on-demand fueling, and offer promotional fueling discounts to relevant drivers.

Insurance PAYD

The Pay-as-You-Drive API is comprised of attributes pertaining to a vehicle’s current odometer reading. This information can be used to offer customized insurance products with flexible rates that are related to the distance covered.

Vehicle Lock Status

The Vehicle Lock Status API is comprised of attributes pertaining to a vehicle's doors, trunk door, gas lid, and the Vehicle’s heading. Lock status information is the most important security mechanism for a vehicle.

Vehicle Status

The Vehicle Status API is comprised of attributes pertaining to interior and exterior parts of a vehicle. This information can be used to improve security, prevent damage and remotely control vehicle functions.

List of Models Available (Aside from EV)

Mercedes Benz ModelProduction As Of
AClass Hatchback (W176)6/16
AClass Hatchback (W177)1/18
AClass Saloon (V177)7/18
BClass Sports Tourer (W246)6/16
BClass Electric Drive (W242 EV)6/16
BClass Natural Gas Drive (W242 CNG)6/16
CClass Cabriolet (A205)4/16
CClass Coupé (C205)6/16
Long-wheelbase CClass (V205)6/16
CClass Saloon (W205)6/16
CClass Estate (S2056/16
CLA Shooting Brake (X117)6/16
CLA Coupé (C1176/18
CLS Coupé (C218)6/16
CLS Shooting Brake (X218)6/16
CLS Coupé (C257)12/17
EClass Saloon (W213)12/15
Long-wheelbase EClass (V213)9/16
EClass Estate (S213)9/16
EClass Coupé (C238)1/17
EClass Cabriolet (A238)6/17
GClass Station Wagon (W463)9/16
GLA (X156)6/16
GLC (X253)6/16
GLC Coupé (C253)6/16
GLC F-Cell (N253 CH2)5/18
GLC (V253)6/18
GLE (W166)6/16
GLE Coupé (C292)6/16
GLS (X166)6/16
SClass (W222)6/16
SClass Cabriolet (A217)6/16
SClass Coupé (C217)6/16
Long-wheelbase SClass (V222)6/16
Mercedes-Maybach SClass (X222)6/16
SL (R231)3/16
SLC (R172)3/16
MercedesAMG GT (C190)6/16
MercedesAMG GT (R190)2/17
MercedesAMG GT (X290)7/18
VClass (VS20)9/16
XClass (VS40)11/17

List of Countries

CountryMercedes Me
AustriaModification year 16/1
BelgiumModification year 16/1
BulgariaModification year 17/2
CroatiaModification year 17/2
CyprusModification year 17/2
Czech RepublicModification year 16/1
DenmarkModification year 16/1
EstoniaModification year 17/2
FinlandModification year 16/1
FranceModification year 16/1
GermanyModification year 16/1
GreeceModification year 17/2
HungaryModification year 16/1
IrelandModification year 16/1
ItalyModification year 16/1
LatviaModification year 17/2
LithuaniaModification year 17/2
LuxembourgModification year 16/1
MaltaModification year 17/2
NetherlandsModification year 16/1
NorwayModification year 16/1
PolandModification year 16/1
PortugalModification year 16/1
RomaniaModification year 17/2
SlovakiaModification year 16/1
SloveniaModification year 17/2
SpainModification year 16/1
SwedenModification year 16/1
SwitzerlandModification year 16/1
United KingdomModification year 16/1