Getting Started


Otonomo is a SaaS platform that simplifies the process of accessing vehicle data.
Rather you need aggregated data or personal data we have it all.

What we do?
We receive data from different providers from around the world, clean it, normalize it, add metadata, and most importantly, enable you to retrieve high quality data in a number of methods, all so you can easily increase your data pool.

Aggregate Data and Personal Data

Otonomo serves two types of vehicle data: Personal Data and Aggregate Data.
Personal Data relates to a specific vehicle or group of vehicles and includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as VIN and license plate number. Personal Data is used by applications to provide driver services such as Usage-Based Insurance, EV charging, car wash, etc.
Aggregate Data, on the other hand, refers to ‘masked’ data which does not contain PII. Aggregate Data is served in bulks, E.g data from all cars traveling in a specific city. Example use cases for aggregate data include mapping, smart cities, alternate financial data set and more.

Creating an Account

You can ask for account creation by filling out the form here
One of our representatives will be in touch with you.
Once the signup process has been completed, a verification link will be sent to your e-mail address.

You can then login to your account at


Please note!

If you are from Europe and interested in Personal use cases, make sure to create an account at For more details see Personal data

Workspaces and Attributes

To obtain data from Otonomo, a data consumer first needs to configure a Workspace on the Automotive Data Services Platform. A Workspace describes the data that the consumer wants to get and includes additional details like attributes (for Aggregate Data location and use case should also be selected).
A vehicle Attribute is the smallest information element on a vehicle. Examples of attributes include VIN (vehicle identification number), latitude, longitude, heading etc. Otonomo supports hundreds of vehicle attribute types.
The available attributes per a specific vehicle may vary by car make and model.

There are two types of Workspaces: Personal and Aggregate.

Aggregate Workspaces

These are Workspaces that provide Aggregated data on vehicles.

Otonomo's Aggregate data is stored in 'Data Sets'. A Data Set is a logical storage of related vehicle data. Each data set has its own related API endpoints and attribute types. Read more about Data Sets here

Explore Otonomo's data to get a sense of the daily data Otonomo has per country and data set.


Guide - Creating a new Workspace

Need help creating a Workspace? Read our detailed guides:
Creating an aggregated Workspace

Data Consumption

Once you have created your Workspace, you will be able to start consuming data.

The easiest method of consumption is using the UI.
Every Workspace has a dedicated report generation section, which enables you to generate a report based on location or by drawing a polygon on a map.

To learn more, read Creating reports.

In addition to the UI, we provide 2 additional methods of data consumption: API and Streaming
To learn more about the differences, read Consumption Methods .

Read more about Data Sets

Personal Workspaces

*These are Workspaces that provide specific vehicle data. Therefore, it requires the consent of the vehicle owner/driver.

Rather you require information on a single vehicle at a time or multiple vehicles, we support both scenarios.

For personal use cases in Europe please make sure to create an account at:

There are 2 types Personal data ownership:

  1. Private ownership - A vehicle owned by a private driver. You can find additional information on the process here: Obtaining Driver Consent
  2. Fleet ownership - Several vehicles owned by a single entity. You can find additional information on the process here: Fleet data overview