Vehicle Simulator


In order to test getting your vehicle status you have an option to use a simulated vehicle.
This simulated vehicle will allow you to see a ride and ask for the available attributes at any given moment.

Step #1: Setup your car and route

Access your personal Workspaces and press ‘Run Simulated Vehicle’ button


Select the Vehicle type (Electric or Gasoline) and Start point / End point of the route. Then, press ‘Run Simulation’.

Note: The route for a simulated car is limited for 200 Km


Step #2: Run the Simulator

Simulator details appear on the top right corner.
Select a Workspace in the workspace dropdown so that the relevant attributes you selected will be reflected each time you ask for this vehicle status.
You can see that the vehicle starts moving from the start point to the end point.

Note: if you don’t select a Workspace “Get Vehicle Status” button will be disabled


When you click on “Get Vehicle Status” on the top left corner, the vehicle will provide the relevant attributes that have been defined for this Workspace. You can always go back to your Workspace and re-select new attributes, then make sure to refresh the simulator.

In case the “Get Vehicle Status” is not available, check that a Workspace has been selected

When you click on Get Vehicle Status - you will get the timestamp and vehicle speed. Click on this line to see more attributes.


If you receive “No Driver Consent” instead of the vehicle status, make sure that the vehicle has been added to ‘Vehicle Management’ tool, and its status is ‘Consented.’


Fetching Simulated Data Through our API

If you'd like to test out our APIs using this simulation, you may do so by copying the cURL command located on the right. Simply press the "copy" icon to copy and paste the command into your computer terminal.