Overview - Fleet Data

What is Personal Fleet Data?

Fleet ownership is when several vehicles are owned by a single entity.

Fleet personal data provides specific vehicle data. Therefore, it requires the consent of the vehicle owner/driver.

The Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform enables fleet operators and service providers with access to application-ready fleet vehicle data, which is normalized, enriched and data-privacy compliant.

How to consume data?

We support 2 types of data consumption:

  • Streaming - using Push API
  • Pull APIs


Through our streaming interface, Otonomo creates a direct data pipeline from Otonomo to your servers.
This provides you with the ability to get the most updated data once it’s received from the OEM.
Click here for more information.

Pull APIs

There are 2 methods to receive the vehicle data:

  • Get Vehicle Status – this call provides the latest known status of a specific vehicle. The API is Synchronous API. Click here for more information.
  • Get multiple Vehicles' Statuses - this call provides the latest status for multiple vehicles in an Asynchronous mode. The data will be aggregated in a report. Click here for more information. To check your repot status click here.

Please note:

  • For near real-time consumption – it’s recommended to use the first method: Get Vehicle Status
  • For periodic consumption – it’s recommended to use the second method: Get multiple Vehicles' Statuses

Download our full API collection here.

What types of data can I get?

Click here for the full list of attributes.

Please note: The actual data depends on vehicle make, model, year and geography.

How often is the data updated?

The vehicles send data while they are driving.

If you use our Streaming interface, you will always get the data once Otonomo receives it.
If you use our API interface, you will get the vehicle’s latest status as was sent to Otonomo.

Getting Started

In order to start you should create an account in the Self-Serve Platform.

In Europe create an account at: https://market.eu.otonomo.io
In the US and Canada create an account at: : https://market.otonomo.io

Click here for more information.

In order to access OEM’s Personal data, it’s essential to have a contract with Otonomo for accessing OEM data to cover all privacy and personal data sharing. Please contact your Sales Manager for more details.

Start your fleet data journey without OEM Data and use Otonomo’s Simulator. Build your service right away and migrate it to production. Click here for more information.

How to manage VINs?


Vehicle Management

Click here for our Vehicle Management documentation and the available vehicle statuses.


Vehicle Statuses Clarification

The link above contains the table with a new version of vehicle statuses as implemented through the platform UI.
The API supports the old version of vehicle statuses Only!


Postman Collection

Download Postman Collection, our full API collection.

How to check how much I consumed?

Click here to check your monthly usage.

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