API Rate Limits

This page describes Otonomo API rate limits for Live customers. The URLs are for the US environment. For EU accounts, please use the base URL api.eu.otonomo.io

Endpoint nameURLTypeLimit
Fleet Points Datahttps://api.otonomo.io/v1/personal/reports/pointsReport Generation120 requests per hour *
Fleet Trips Datahttps://api.otonomo.io/v1/personal/reports/tripsReport Generation120 requests per hour *
Fleet Trips Pointshttps://api.otonomo.io/v1/personal/reports/trips_pointsReport Generation120 requests per hour *
Report Statushttps://api.otonomo.io/v1/personal/reports/requests/{Request_id}Report Status120 requests per hour
Vehicle Statushttps://api.otonomo.io/v2/vehicles/{vin}/statusVehicle Status20,000 requests per hour per Fleet
Fleet Access Tokenhttps://api.otonomo.io/v1/oauth/token/Access Token5,000 requests per hour **
Driver Access Tokenhttps://api.otonomo.io/v1/oauth/tokenAccess Token5,000 requests per hour **
Multiple Vehicle Statushttps://api.eu.otonomo.io/v1/personal/reports/vehiclesstatusVehicle Status10,000 vehicles per request.
Up to 120 requests per hour
Records limit2,147,483,647 is the largest number to place

*120 requests accumulated across all end points of type "Report Generation"; failed requests are counted as well
**5,000 requests accumulated across all end points of type "Access Token"