Adding Users to an Account

You can add users to the same account that you have created.

Select "Users" on the left bar menu :


In this page you can manage all the users that belong to the same account (under the same company name).


You can see the list of users for this account.

Invitation Status can be:

  1. Joined
  2. Pending
  3. Timed Out

Each user in status "Joined" can remove other users or re-invite members who didn't respond to the invitation within 5 days.

Click on "Invite" on the top right corner to invite a member from your team to share the same account.


Fill out his/her email and click on "Send Invitation".


The invitation will be waiting on your colleagues' mailbox.
Once received, the user will have to complete registration in order to be an active user in this account (and then the invitation status will change from "Pending" to "Joined"). To learn more about creating an account read here

Please Note: The invitation is valid for 5 days. After this timeframe, this user will have to be re-invited.