Consumption Methods

Otonomo provides three methods to consume data:

  1. UI
  2. API's
  3. Streaming

Today you can use the UI to generate different types of reports for Aggregate Data.

When using the UI, you can configure the report period, countries, cities and even draw a polygon.
To further understand how to use the report generation UI, read Creating reports

Using Otonomo API's provides you with the ability to run the full list of reports and use additional parameters which are not available through the UI.
For example, if you wish to generate a report only on a specific city, you will be able to do so via our APIs.

Read more about Authorization here

Read more about Aggregate data APIs here

For Personal use cases you can get a real time vehicle status or a report of multiple vehicles' statuses.

Read more about Fleet data APIs here
Read more about Personal data APIs- private ownership here

If your service requires constant retrieval of fresh data, then this is your solution.
Through our streaming interface, Otonomo creates a direct data pipeline from Otonomo to your servers.

This provides you with the ability to get the latest data and configure different filters on the stream.
To further understand how the Streaming interface work, read about Streaming Interface