Fleet Data Usage


The usage report allows you to see your monthly consumption of data for both number of vehicles and the GetStatus calls to vehicles.

Step #1: Getting to the usage report

The Usage information is unique per Workspace.
That means that the Usage tab will appear on every Workspace menu and the data provided will be relevant to the specific Workspace.

Select your fleet Workspace and press the "Menu" (top right side), select the Usage tab from the menu.


Step #2: Select the month

Choose the month for which the usage information is required.
Note that if the current month got selected, data from the first day of the month will be included until the current day.


Step #3: Understanding the data


The usage report includes 3 sections:

  1. Unique Enabled VINs - The number of unique enabled VINs within a fleet, adjusted at the end of each month.
  2. Consumed Data Points - Represents the number of data points that were successfully returned.
    For example, if the user has made a data request that includes 10 VINs, the total vehicle data points will be 10.
  3. Make Breakdown - Present the breakdown of 'Unique Enabled VINs' and the 'Consumed Data Points' per OEM.