Create an Event Rule

Create an event rule to identify meaningful events near real-time on Otonomo's platform.

The ability to add events such as vehicles that are speeding keeps fleet managers updated on
critical driving events. An event rule is comprised of the Event Rule, or the name of the event,
and a description of that event.

Step #1

Navigate to the Event Rules tab and press the ADD EVENT RULE button


Step #2

Define the rule's Details

  • Event rule: define the rule's name.
  • Description: define the rule's description

Press the Next button

Step #3

Define the rule's Logic

  • Fleet:
    Define the fleet/s you want to participate in the new event rule. The recipients for the
    selected fleet/s will receive email alerts if the event is triggered, such as speeding over
    a certain speed.
  • Conditions:
    Add conditional statements – such as greater than, or lesser than - that will be applied
    against the selected vehicle attributes or within a specific geographic area (a geofence).


Supported Attributes

A valid value must be used in accordance with each attribute's specification:
Attributes: Fleet Points Data Set


Supported Operators

Custom Event Rule: Operators

Press the Next button

Step #4

Define the rule's Action

  • Email: define who you would like to receive an email notification every time an event has

Press the Save button to complete the rule's configuration.