Create Callback

A Callback URL is the destination endpoint for which to send the triggered events for all defined Rules within Otonomo's platform.

When an event is triggered, it is being sent immediately (as an HTTP POST request) to the specified Callback URL, So the client doesn't need to check repeatedly if new data is available.


Read more about Error Codes.


Postman Collection

Use the link below to download Otonomo's collection

Run in PostmanRun in Postman


Callback Authorization Method Specification

For authorization_method='basic' the following attributes are required


For authorization_method='oauth2' following attributes are required



Callback URL Specification

Please note:
A Callback URL must be configured to receive and handle events as expected.

Display of received Event:
Every notification request will include a header called X-Otonomo-Signature that includes an HMAC-SHA1 signature of the request body, using the provided CALLBACK_SECRET as the signing key, preceded by sha1=.

X-Otonomo-Signature: sha1=1385314c6d0023b2e20656eed4f92fd76389d811