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Vehicle Management For Fleets


This tool allows the fleet manager to upload or delete VINs and request or revoke consent. VINs that have provided consent, are eligible to receive Get Vehicle Status.

The tool has 2 formats:

  1. UI - In Construction
  2. API

For API format - download this collection download this collection or check the API reference pages

Vehicle Statuses

A vehicle has 3 statuses:

VIN statusDescription
PendingPending approval from Otonomo and the provider.
ConsentedVIN is consented by both Otonomo and the provider
RevokedConsented VIN was revoked by either Otonomo, the provider or the consumer

Please refer to the following table for each status and the possible actions:

Status / Following actionTo RevokeTo DeleteTo Request Consent
Pending XVX
Consented V>> status changed to RevokedVX
Revoked XVV >> status changed to Pending

See more details below.

Upload New VINs

You can upload new VINs to a specific Workspace in the Vehicle Management tool.

Please note: VIN length should be 16 or 17 characters.

Once a VIN was uploaded, it will receive status Pending. The process will include an approval from both Otonomo and the provider.
Once both approvals are given, the VIN’s status will be changed from Pending to Consented.
If a vehicle was deleted and added again, it will automatically enter with status Pending even if it had provided consent in the past.

Delete VINs

You can delete VINs from a Workspace in the Vehicle Management tool.

The deleted vehicles can be in either status Pending, Consented or Revoked.

Once a VIN was deleted, you won’t be able to see it in the list of vehicles.

Revoke VIN’s consent

You can revoke VIN which is in status Consented.

Once revoked, the VIN’s status will change to Revoked.

Request VIN’s consent

You can request consent for VIN which is in status Revoked.

The VIN will have to go though the approval chain once again.

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Vehicle Management For Fleets

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