Test Drive Vehicle Data from Otonomo

Our connected car data is now accessible for developers

Trial Period

You have just finished your signup to Otonomo platform and created a new account - Congratulations!
To help you learn the value of our product, you are able to use our platform free of change for the first 30 days.

Any application that is created during the trial period will gain access to a limited amount of countries and use cases.

During the 30 days trial you will be able to create Workspaces and generate reports, but with a few limitations:

  • Workspace creation - Limited up to 5 created Workspaces
  • Reports of type Points:
    • Date range - up to 7 days
    • Records limit - 10000 points
  • Reports of type Trips:
    • Date range - up to 7 days
    • Records limit - 200 trips

What happens once the 30 days trial ends?
Once you have finished your trial, you will be automatically assigned with our default pay per use plan.
The plan has a default of 60$ per 1M points or 60$ per 20k Trips. If you haven't used any data, you will not be charged.

In order to become a Live customer and enjoy unlimited access data fill out your billing information on our Billing Page

To get more details about our pricing, please visit our Pricing page

For any question please contact [email protected]

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Trial Period

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