Aggregated Data APIs Framework

There are several report types a user can consume data from. The different Aggregate Data requests are asynchronous and are generated in the background. The output of the request depends on the type of data selected as the format varies.


There are a few types of Data sets which are available via our APIs.

To read more go to Data Sets

Every report displays data based on the attributes, limits and enrichments associated with your Workspace. Additionally, every report is based on the vehicle limit you’ve selected for your Workspace.

The following table summarizes all available historical data APIs.

APITime Frame
PointsUp to 1 month
TripsUp to 1 month
Trip PointsLength of trip
Road SignsUp to 1 month
ParkingUp to 1 month
EventsUp to 1 month

In order to ensure standardization, the time zone used is the Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. If, for example, you are located in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT-8), you would add 8 hours to calculate the corresponding Coordinated Universal Time.

How many requests may be executed per day?
By default, you may execute up to a total of 10 requests for each application per day (UTC time).

To access the report, run the Report Status API. The output presented in the response body will be a downloadable link to a CSV file of up to 1 GB. If the data comprised in the report should be larger than 1 GB, a new CSV file will be generated.

What is the duration for which the report is downloadable?
Reports are available for download for 30 days.