Postman Collection - Aggregated APIs

To help you get running with ease, we created a Postman collection that can help you run our API requests for the first time.

1. Download Postman

Postman is a free tool to run API requests and inspect their responses.
It can be downloaded as an App for Mac and Windows OS or as a Chrome Extension.

Download link:

2. Download Otonomo collection

Use the link below to download Otonomo's collection

Run in Postman

3. Add application data to the colleciton

After the collection has been added to Postman, the account and app information will have to be added.

Here are the required steps:
1.right click the 3 dotted button

  1. Press "Edit"
  2. Go to Variables Tab
  1. Fill out the following details:
    - client_id
    - client_secret
    - service_id
    Learn how to find these credentials here

4. Run our APIs

You are ready to go!

  1. First run Workspace Access Token - This requests generates a token which is required to run any of the other Otonomo APIs.

We have designed the collection so that it extracts the token from the response and uses it automatically in other requests inside the collection.

  1. After running the Workspace Access Token you will be able to run all the other requests in the collection.
    You can find more information on the requests that are available here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]