Test Drive Vehicle Data from Otonomo

Our connected car data is now accessible for developers

Getting Started

Register to our Automotive Data Services Platform to gain access to rich vehicle data and build your applications.


You can register directly from our website by selecting the “Sign Up” button located at the top right corner of the page.

Once you’ve completed the initial registration phase, you’ll receive a client_id and client_secret which will act as your credentials for exchanging information between your application’s server and Otonomo’s authorization server.

After registration is complete, you can begin consuming connected car data through our Demo Service or Personal Playground. The demo provides aggregated automotive data to get you started, while the playground provides simulated personal data.


The demo and playground lets you play with simulated vehicle data.
To access real vehicle data, contact [email protected]

Data Types & Attributes

Developers can consume two types of vehicle data from Otonomo: aggregated data and driver-specific data.

Aggregate: this data type is provided in abundance in order to gain insights through analytics and data science.

Personal: this data type provides personal data in order to offer services directly to drivers through mobile and web application. Consent from the driver is needed to access this data type.

The Automotive Data Services Platform offers various aggregated or personal data.

You can obtain aggregated data or personal data through a Service. Service is an object created by Otonomo for you based on your data needs. A Service provides you with access to vehicle data.
The vehicle attributes that can be obtained and the geography of the vehicles is defined in the Service.

More information on the different data types and their use cases can be found here: API Overview

Getting Started

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