Fleets Historical Data

Fleet Historical Data is a premium feature that allows the customer to get historical data for his vehicles.

the available Data sets for historical data are Points and Trips

Historical data can be provided only for times when the requested vehicle (VIN) was in “Consent“ status and data was available.


Data Availability Limitation

The data is limited to up to 3 years, for both Streaming and pulled API delivery.


Historical data can be provided only via our API or via the UI.
The API call provides the historical data for the requested VINs in an Asynchronous mode, aggregated in a report.
For more information regarding fleet points click here and for information regarding fleet trips click here.
To check your report status.

To get the data, 2 parameters are required:

  1. List of VINs - in case the list is empty - data for all VINs will be returned
  2. Filters (Optional). See below.


You can use the following filters when requesting the data:

  • From date / To date - mandatory fields
  • Countries
  • States
  • Cities
  • Polygon
  • Maximum number of cars to return
  • Records Limit - mandatory field

See more examples here (https://docs.otonomo.io/reference/historical-data?showHidden=6c81a#undefined)