Data Sets

Otonomo has a few types of fleet Data-sets, each with his own set of APIs and attributes.


Points is a data set that is used to describe a single point in time.
Each data raw in the resulted report provides information on a single vehicle status at a specific point in time.

Which API's use Points data-set:
Fleets Points (Historical Data) API


Trips is a data set used to describe a single-vehicle trip.
Each line in the resulting report provides summarized information on a single vehicle trip.

There is an option to define the report's output based on the following logic:

  1. Trip Summary - the report's output will include a summary of the executed Trips.
  2. Trip Data Points - the report's output will include only the available points on which this Trips report is based on.
  3. Both options - the report's output will include both formats in different files, one per each

In order to control this functionality, you should pass the following body param via API:

"output-type":"{Trip summary (default), Trip data points}"

Or to select the desired option o the UI:


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Which API to use for Trips data set:
Fleets Trips Data API

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